Our company was founded in 1997. We are an IT company which specializes in servers and computers maintenance and communication networks for business clients and organizations, from small offices to large companies, and we provide a vast array of computer solutions for the office.
The company is located on number 9, Haoman St., Talpiot Industrial Zone, Jerusalem.
We deal in setting up a communications networks from the planning stages and up until the execution in the most professional manner.
The company also deals in the maintenance of Microsoft servers, computer and printer maintenance, as well as selling computer related equipment.
Bar Systems & Laser is a leading company in its field. One of our most prominent features is the expedient and professional service we provide our customers with.
For the past 14 years we gathered an extensive amount of expertise and knowledge which we happily and expertly implement with our customers.
Bar Systems & Laser is taking part of the Microsoft Partner Network program which allows us constant contact with Microsoft as well as constant updates and trainings, a place we’ve reached after a rigorous screening and testing process.
We’re also the licensed provider for Intel, Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Samsung and Canon.
Our main areas of expertise are:

Setting up computer networks:
We’ve gained quite a bit of experience in the computer network field.
We set up the networks from the planning stages and up until execution, including installing the different stations and servers in the most professional manner.
Service and Maintenance
One of our experienced technicians, all with Microsoft company education and degree, are sent to the place of business and will solve all your existing problems efficiently as well as perform any necessary maintenance on the computer network, servers and printers regularly.
Remote Control
We implemented a sophisticated “remote control” system in order to allow a speedy return to functionality since we’re fully aware that a non-functional computer results in loss of time and productivity!
Phone Support
We provide counseling and assistance in problem solving over the phone. This service is available 24/7.
A computer lab especially for laptop repair
A professional lab that specializes in repairing laptops, including changing computer parts and protecting vital information on the hard drives, installing operating systems and computer upgrades.
Printers Service Department
Bar Systems & Laser’s printers service department is a department with much experience and is the only one that services all types of printers! It is currently one of the leading labs in the country.
We have spare parts for printers and an extensive know-how in repairing all models of laser printers.
Our technicians have a vast experience in this field and have taken and still take additional trainings with the leading companies in the field.
The service is provided in the business itself or the location of the printer.
Our backup service includes backup software which is fitted to the customer’s needs.
We are versed in the different backup software and actions. We’ve learned that there are many businesses that do not backup their data or believe they do and their backups turn out to be ineffective, which requires further inspection.
Image backups – allow for a quick recovery of a crashed server.
We sell all the off-the-shelf brands of software available: operating systems, graphic design programs, accounting programs, backup programs, etc. We install the programs for the customer (for an additional fee). We support the other software along with the software house.

Service Contracts – Computer Network
We offer the following options:
• Annual service: the client pays for the service in advance according to the number of computers and servers and according to the clients demands and wishes and our technicians will come and attend to any computer or server problem.
• Hour package deals: the client will be able to pay for an hour package deal in advance (a minimum of 10 hours) for a special price and will call us to fix any computer problem that arises. This also includes service hours for printers (the service applies for an hour or any part of an hour).
• Monthly hour’s retainer: the client will pay a monthly fee for 10 hours (for example). If the number of hours exceeds this the client will receive a special price for the rest.
• Service order fee per hour: without a service contract, based on a fixed fee.
Service Contracts – Printers
• Yearly printer service: the client will receive full service for any printing problems throughout this year, includes service at the place of business.
• Payment per job: the client will pay according to the number of prints made (each print: job). This fee will include a year’s worth of service, toner supply for no extra charge and an alternate printer if necessary.
Consulting and Guidance
We offer consulting meetings with our service manager, free of charge.
The two sides will arrange a specific time and our service manager will arrive at the client’s offices and will offer professional counseling on all matters concerning the office’s future computer needs and a specific plan in writing, also free of charge. The consulting will be offered on the subjects of servers, backups, internet, website design, and the most suitable network for the client according to the office budget, software, printer repair, hardware and peripheral equipment.
Security cameras
Installing security cameras and hooking them up to a network, installing IP cameras and connecting them to the camera server, and opening users for remote viewing.
Selling Equipment
We sell computers, servers, printers, printer toners and peripheral equipment for all computer needs, as well as software to be programmed specifically for the client’s needs, websites that will promote the client online.

Today we provide our services to hundreds of business clients in Jerusalem and around it, among them many offices – big and small, large organizations such as the Hebrew University, hospitals, law firms, accountants, associations, insurance agencies and more.

We’d be happy to offer our speedy and professional services at any time – we’re committed to excellent service